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Current Wedding Suit Trends

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Think Textures, Patterns & Prints!

Whilst I am a strong believer there are no strict rules to follow when selecting a grooms suit – it is important to consider the following style movements for menswear in Australia.

As the cobalt blues and bright colours retreat from modern weddings, we are seeing the refreshing return of the traditional black tuxedo. However, with the introduction of black damask fabrics, paisley textures and subtle florals, menswear is taking a new turn in Australia. With great designers now transforming the boring constraints of traditional menswear, we are seeing a sophisticated use of patterns and textures to lift the allure of a classic wedding tuxedo.

I see this as a terrific opportunity to design daring outfits specific to your personality and unique to your special day. The introduction of patterns and textures now gives men the option to sway from a simple black tuxedo and create something distinct with embossed fabrics, printed velvets and detailed appliques.

Whilst, to some the idea of exploring such bold fashion on their wedding day may be uncomfortable, do not be discouraged as there are several ways to “play down” such a movement. Try restricting patterns to just the lapel or the jacket for a simple but effective look and use a dark colour palette for the suit and break it up gently with a crisp white shirt.

We are also seeing a gradual change from the skinny fit suit to something more tapered and comfortable to wear. With the shape of the suit now conforming to areas of the body to create shape without restricting comfort as a result.

However, the most important thing to consider when selecting your wedding suit is confidence – this is the epitome to any outfit and can easily be achieved with a personal tailored fit and a striking suit you love.


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