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By making payment/s you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions, payment details/prices invoiced and item descriptions invoiced.

Couture Menswear must be notified of any changes/corrections that need to be made to the invoice before any payment is made as we will not be made liable for any inconsistencies.

Under Australian Consumer Law, once first payment is made no refund or exchange can be made on any or all of the product/s, in any circumstances (including wedding cancellations). If changes are requested that are of lesser value the difference will be applied as a credit note for future use. The initial invoice including the credit note must be paid in full before nay garments are released. See our returns and exchange policy for more details. 

Only one complimentary cycle of alterations is available before final pick up and Couture Menswear Australia exercise final judgement as to whether an alteration is to be made. If further alterations are requested after the initial complimentary cycle costs will be incurred to the client and must be paid in full before further altered.

Once garments/items have been taken by the client the complimentary alterations cycle will be made void and if any alterations are requested are cost will be incurred to the client. 

If the client has considerable changes in body size from when measurements were taken (including excessive weight gain, muscle growth or rapid weight loss) and alterations are not a solution. We are not liable to reproduce garments and the invoice must be finalised or all deposits and garments will be withheld. 

Custom name/initial embroidery is a service we offer to clients based on timing, accessibility and system operations. Due to one or more of these reasons we may not be able to fulfil embroidery requests and will refund the associated service charge. 

If ALL payments/deposits are not finalised in full by the due date/s noted above we reserve our right to withhold all garments and deposits and legal proceedings may occur as a result.