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What Colour Suit Should I Buy First?

What colour suit should I buy first and why black isn’t the answer.

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing a black suit should not be the first choice for a man.

We firmly believe that a navy suit should be the top priority, followed by a charcoal suit, and

only then should one consider adding a black suit to their wardrobe. Here is why:

First and foremost, black is an inherently sombre colour. While it may be suitable for certain

formal occasions like weddings, black tie events, or funerals, it lacks the versatility of a navy

suit. Navy is a classic and timeless colour that effortlessly integrates into various wardrobe

combinations and can be worn in both formal and casual settings. Whether it is a business

meeting, a social gathering, or a night out, a navy suit offers a wider range of options.

Furthermore, a navy suit is universally flattering on most complexions and pairs well with a

variety of shirt and tie combinations. It exudes a sense of sophistication, elegance, and

professionalism. On the other hand, black can be quite unforgiving, especially under certain

lighting conditions, and may not complement all skin tones equally.

When building a well-rounded wardrobe, it is important to prioritise versatility and

adaptability. A navy suit serves as a solid foundation, providing countless opportunities for

stylish ensembles. A charcoal suit, with its subtle and understated elegance, adds another

layer of versatility before even considering a black suit.

In conclusion, while a black suit has its place in certain formal settings, it is not the first suit

a man should purchase. A navy suit offers far more flexibility and can be seamlessly

integrated into a wider range of occasions and outfits. By opting for navy and charcoal first,

a man can establish a well-rounded wardrobe that accommodates various events and

personal style preferences.

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